30 Day Picture Challenge Day 4: Favorite Color

Favorite color...hmmmmmm.  Okok...I will admit it.  My favorite color is pink!

I never thought I'd like pink...EVER.  I always stayed as far away from pink as possible.  During high school and just after, I hated pink.  Didn't want anything to to with it!  Looking back on it now, I can see it was because I was afraid of embracing my femininity.  

Well thank goodness that's over with!  I have embraced it in full force! :D  Here are some of my favorite things pink...

My favorite tea mug (you've seen this here)

My Saturn II suitcase

Isn't this Samsonite carry on just delicious?!?!

My favorite pair of chucks...with LeeLoo embellishment

A little project from our wedding.  LOVE this one. :D

The newest edition...Mickey Mouse ears!!  :D

Alright...that's good for now.  ;)  Hope everyone is having a fantabulous day!!



Brandy said...

Really sissy, pink!? What am I going to do with you? Besides remember that you rock. Anyway, I guess pink isn't all that bad as long as it's only an accent color, lol. LOVE YOU!

Wallie said...

I know Sissy...I don't know what I've turned into!!!!! lol. And I can only use it as an accent color...you know it doesn't really go with my skin tone. Love love!

CARRIE said...

Wow! You really do love pink! I think if I had that awesome luggage I might love pink as much as you. (I mean it. That is some AWESOME luggage.)

Wallie said...

Thank you Carrie! It really is my favorite...And the inside is just as pristine as the outside. My husband found one in blue to match! FUNFUNFUN! :D