Well hello there!  Nice to meet you! :)

This is my first blog. Well, second really, since we are being honest here.  You see, I did three posts on one I started almost 2 years ago, but I didn't follow through with it. <~~~Stating the obvious. It just didn't fit.

Before starting this one, I decided that I needed more of a purpose for writing and give myself realistic goals for it.

For starters, I have just gone through 3 major changes in my life:

1) Change of Industries: I had worked in the Corporate Housing world for a little over 8 years and decided I wanted something entirely different. My networking finally paid off! I am now working for a great high tech company who believes in their products and the people behind them.  I'm purely operations, but the engineers don't need to know that tidbit. ;)

2) I got married: My husband Steven is truly my best friend and we really do make a great team together. It is effortless for me to be open and honest with him. I can't imagine it getting any better, but I know that over the years to come, it will.

3) We got a new puppy: This is our newest addition to our family, LeeLoo. She is the "little" sister of our 3.5 year old Chihuahua/Terrier, Sam.

But wait!! THERE'S MORE!!
I'm starting a new chapter! I've decided that I am worth it! I am worth my time and attention. Since this epiphany, I can't tell you how much more my life is becoming more balanced because of it.  I really want to believe that I deserve the wonderfulness that I have in my life, and I'm on the right track. 

I've struggled with my weight most of my adult life (who hasn't, right?) and have decided that I need to figure it out. Not only have I joined a group workout at work, but in two weeks I start group sessions with my Holistic Health Coach, focusing on my behavior with food. I want a lifestyle change and not continue on my habit of losing a ton of weight, only to gain it back.

So that is what I'll be writing about folks. My journey of becoming my true self. (WOO HOO!!)

Please join me in my new adventure of having the goal to improve myself and share my knowledge, thoughts and ask questions to those who surround me.  It's gonna be a fun ride!  I'll have to remember that I'm doing the work!  ;)

What about you??  What is your #1 goal that you want to achieve?


Drea said...

What a great post to start off a great blog!!! I love this, a lot.

My #1 goal is to become a good mother. I keep having all of these freaky dreams while pregnant and well, it's totally freaking me out.

But I know I'm being conditioned! Because the real world isn't as messed up as the dream world. :)

Love your blog!

Wallie said...

Thank you Drea!! Talk about making my day! i know I'm in at the begining, but making it up as I go. I appreciate you following!!! :) I enjoy your blog too!! :D