30 Day Picture Challenge Day 2: What I wore

So when I read this morning that Day#2 is a pic of what I'm wearing, I thought, "Oh great"...lol.  I didn't get to get a full body pic for what I wore to work, but here are the parts of it. :)

I love the detail in this top...dunno if you can tell, but there's a thick strip of lace running down the front of it.  The best part, it was $5 at Target, of all places.  Love love!  The jacket is mostly always needed with the AC blaring in my office.  Good times, good times.  It's from White House Black Market.  One of the only shops I still actually shop at.

I wore them with my Jeggings (rolled up to look like stove pipes) and shoes that I wore on my wedding day and haven't worn since.  Super Sassy!!


After watching Strictly Ballroom, we went out for Pho and our favorite Froyo place Fiji Yogurt.  What makes it even better, they have dairy free!  WOO HOO!  I <3 Fiji Yogurt!

Anyway...here's what I wore to date night.  Same pants as earlier, just threw on Mickey, flips and my converse hoodie.

I figure I will spare you what I wore to the gym.  ;)

Happy Friday!  See you tomorrow!!!



PuppyLovePrincess said...

those shoes are really stylish! so classic and pretty :)

Wallie said...

Thank you PuppyLovePrincess!! I love them!!