30 Day Picture Challenge Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait

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Look for this on the left hand side. ~~~>


Alright...back to the Picture Challenge.  Day 9 is to be a "Faceless Self Portrait". 

A picture of the back of my head?  Why, yes...people tell me all the time that they know it's me from across the room, cafe, or park because of my hair.  (I think the same goes for all the women in my family.  What can I say...we have GREAT hair!!)  So yeah...thanks Mom...or Grandma...or Great Grandma Gill or whatnot.  ;)

Happy Friday Eve!!!

How do people recognize you from afar???


Me~ A-Z

A. age :: Thirty!!  :D

B. bed size :: Queen

C. chore you hate :: dishes...especially in our current kitchen!

D. dogs :: Sam and LeeLoo

E. essential start to your day :: Allegra D  (lol)

F. favorite color :: pink...and green

G. gold or silver :: Silver

H. height :: 5'6"ish

I. instruments you play :: Flute

J. job title :: Wifey; Business Data Operator

K. kids :: Sam and LeeLoo  ;) 

L. live :: San Diego, CA

M. maiden name :: Patrick

N. nicknames :: Walls, Wall, Hunnies, Sugar Plum Pop

O. overnight hospital stays :: None

P. pet peeve :: When people poke me  ;)

Q. quote :: "Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says 'I'M POSSIBLE'!" ~Audrey Hepburn

R. righty or lefty :: Righty

S. siblings :: Twin Brother, Little Brother, Older Half Brother

T. time you wake up :: Work week...4:30ish

U. universal wish :: To be happy

V. vegetables you dislike: Brussel Sprouts...even though I haven't had them in forever...lol

W. what makes you run late :: changing my outfit 80 million times

X. x-rays you’ve had :: Dentist, ankle, abdomen

Y. yummy food :: Anything Mexican, Pho, Tuna Sandwiches

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Penguins

30 Day Picture Challenge Day 8: Technology

My favorite technology at the moment is Skype.  I know it's not new, but it's new to me. 

My sweet husband of mine set me up an account with Skype the day before my birthday so I could "talk" with my brother.  All we did really was make faces at each other and laugh for about an hour and a half.  My little brother ended up coming over to Mike's and all three of us were in on it. 

The look on my face during some "technical difficulties", courtesy of LB, Dan.

This is my favorite funny face from Mike. 


I still crack up every time I see it. 

I should Skype more often. 

Do you have a Skype account?


30 Day Picture Challenge Day 7: Something New

We finally did it! 

Since my husband and I moved in with each other (April 2010), we haven't hung up his vinyl that he had up at his old place. (Where we are now is our second place together.)  Well folks...it's finally been done!  We have some others that we will be hanging on a different wall, but we need to get more frames first.  For now, we have a NEW wall in our living room above our white sofa.

Whatcha think? 


30 Day Picture Challenge Day 6: Childhood Memory

Okok...I will admit that I've kinda put this one off...a Childhood Memory.  How do I pick only one?  Soooooooooooo hard as there are many worth talking about...hence the stalling. 

Growing up, the one thing that I can remember both parents (divorced when Mike and I were 5 yrs old) being supportive of was to give ourselves permission to be silly. (Thank you!!)  This is one that we all still hold true today. 

So with that said, I say this to my brothers that it is NOT our fault that we can't seem to take a picture together where we are all smiling/"looking nice".  Well, I know they exist, it's just not as fun.  ;)


30 Day Picture Challenge Day 5: Someone you love

Day 5 is supposed to be a picture of someone you love.  I was going to post the obvious and put a picture of my husband, but then I thought, doesn't everyone post their spouse?  I dunno.  I said to myself..."it's gotta be someone who is beyond family".   I'll try to make this short and sweet.

Brandy (aka Sissy) currently lives 1,366 miles away in the big state of Texas.  She moved there shortly after I move to San Diego in 2000...I wish I would see her more often.  

Last October, when I called her with two week's notice of my wedding, she booked a flight and said that she wouldn't miss it for the world. 

Here is the last picture we took together. This was the night after our wedding. We went out, just the two of us. I just absolutely love being around her. :) She sure does love me. :)

She's due to have her baby boy in early September and I will be making my first trip out to Texas (looooong overdue, yes I know) to visit and help out where I can.  I hope that it wont be TOO hot...she swears that my hair will get used to the humidity...lol.  Yea, right.  ;)

I love my Sissy with everything that I have and wish that we lived closer to each other so we could share the day to day.  We can't always get what we wish for, but I am thankful everyday for having her in my life.  She has impacted me in a way that is beyond words... 

I would be a different person if I hadn't met her, so long ago.  Even though I know she would have eventually showed up.

I love you more Sissy...FINE PRINT!!! ;)


30 Day Picture Challenge Day 4: Favorite Color

Favorite color...hmmmmmm.  Okok...I will admit it.  My favorite color is pink!

I never thought I'd like pink...EVER.  I always stayed as far away from pink as possible.  During high school and just after, I hated pink.  Didn't want anything to to with it!  Looking back on it now, I can see it was because I was afraid of embracing my femininity.  

Well thank goodness that's over with!  I have embraced it in full force! :D  Here are some of my favorite things pink...

My favorite tea mug (you've seen this here)

My Saturn II suitcase

Isn't this Samsonite carry on just delicious?!?!

My favorite pair of chucks...with LeeLoo embellishment

A little project from our wedding.  LOVE this one. :D

The newest edition...Mickey Mouse ears!!  :D

Alright...that's good for now.  ;)  Hope everyone is having a fantabulous day!!


30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 3: Clouds

Alright...Couple days late, but that's ok.  It was quite the weekend (will post all about that later).  YAY!

Anyway.  On my way to my Mother-in-law's to purge the day away, I liked how there was a grey sheet of clouds, except for in one spot.  If the sun was up, it would have been streaming down to the ground below.

What does it look like to you?



I left my camera in my car and am currently too tired to go and get it for my 30 day Challenge Day 3: Clouds.  I helped my mother in law reorganize her apartment from 6:15a-8:30pm.  Just have the bedroom to do!  YAY!  Very tired.  ;)

I will post more tomorrow!



30 Day Picture Challenge Day 2: What I wore

So when I read this morning that Day#2 is a pic of what I'm wearing, I thought, "Oh great"...lol.  I didn't get to get a full body pic for what I wore to work, but here are the parts of it. :)

I love the detail in this top...dunno if you can tell, but there's a thick strip of lace running down the front of it.  The best part, it was $5 at Target, of all places.  Love love!  The jacket is mostly always needed with the AC blaring in my office.  Good times, good times.  It's from White House Black Market.  One of the only shops I still actually shop at.

I wore them with my Jeggings (rolled up to look like stove pipes) and shoes that I wore on my wedding day and haven't worn since.  Super Sassy!!


After watching Strictly Ballroom, we went out for Pho and our favorite Froyo place Fiji Yogurt.  What makes it even better, they have dairy free!  WOO HOO!  I <3 Fiji Yogurt!

Anyway...here's what I wore to date night.  Same pants as earlier, just threw on Mickey, flips and my converse hoodie.

I figure I will spare you what I wore to the gym.  ;)

Happy Friday!  See you tomorrow!!!



30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 1: Self Portrait

Alight...I'm getting on the band wagon of these "30 Day Picture Challenges".  I'm hoping that it will help me create the habit of posting at least something on my blog everyday...or at least every other day. :)  We will see!!!

Day #1: Self Portrait

I'm actually looking over at my husband here...lol.  Most pictures of me look the same.  Big smile, on with the camera, head tilted slightly to the left or right.  Classic Wallie pic...believe me...ask anyone I know...lol.  I wanted something different for my "Self Portrait".

I like this pic cuz it's how I am...a little off.  Yea...cuz I'm perfectly normal.  ;)


What a Whirlwind!

What a birthday weekend full of surprises!!  :D

We started by spending my special day at Disneyland!!!  WOO HOO!!  Steven arranged for LeeLoo to stay with her best friend Kahlua and his Grandma volunteered to take Sam, so we didn't have to worry about our furry ones.  We cashed in our Honeymoon and got our yearly passes!!  365 days of Disney with no black out dates!!  YAY!

We have decided to  focus on one land each visit, to know and appreciate all of the creativeness that went into building it.  I can't wait to get started!!!  Too bad we are about an hour away.  If we were closer, I'd want to go after work, just to get a ride in...lol.  I'm sure Steven is grateful for that!  :D

We finally got home and man, we were beat!  Woke up the next morning and got up sooner than I should have.  This was the reason I was forced later to take a nap...oh darn.

Every Friday (mostly) we go to eat at our favorite restaurant Pho Fifth Avenue.  I was in the mood for Pho, but knew that Suzanne would be in town around dinnertime and that she wasn't a huge fan of Vietnamese Food.  I told Steven that I decided to pull the "it's my birthday card"  and that's where we were going to go.

Suzanne was coming down from Santa Cruz to bring some of my Grandma Patrick's furniture (vanity set and rocking chair) for us to have here.  I wasn't sure if she was going to bring anything else on this trip, but you never know.  When Suz pulled up, I said to park by the elevator so we could unload the furniture.  Since the bed of her truck is covered, I didn't know if she had anything else for me.  As we got out of the truck, she said, "You have to see what I brought you..."

She pulled down the tailgate and my eyes instantly were drawn to the left side to a dark figure.  I focused closer and:


I SCREAMED and started jumping up and down with excitement!!  I couldn't believe he was here!  I kept begging him to come down to visit, especially since I don't like spending our birthday apart,but he said that he just couldn't make it this time.  I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him tight as I started sobbing into his chest.  Then Steven came down and was just as surprised as I was!!  He thought the screaming had come from the community's pool...lol.  Nope, it was me...heh heh heh.

So off to dinner we go, me stuck in LaLa Land and enjoying being with part of my NorCal family.  As we are walking up to the restaurant, I saw balloons.  I turn to Steven and said, "someone else is having a birthday...and they are sitting at our table...oh wait...I KNOW THOSE PEOPLE!!"  They had set it up for ME!!!  A surprise birthday dinner for little ol' me!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Surrounded by even more people I love!!  If I would have known, I would have brought my camera (Steven forgot).  Find out we were about 30 minutes late, but they couldn't blame that on me!!!  I then figured out why Steven had asked me if I wanted to do my hair all cute and such.  I wanted to be casual...thank goodness I at least put on makeup!  I was just happy to be able to share it with Mike.  Even thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

Saturday we just hung out with Suz and Mike, watch some movies (very interesting) and caught up a little bit.  BBQ at The Woodruff's Saturday night with a Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free cake, just so I could participate in the eating of it.  Sunday breakfast  at Suz's favorite spot and wished them farewell on their journey back home to the Bay Area.

All in all, I had a FANTASTIC birthday!!!  Not a bad way to start my 30s.  Not bad at all.