It's the little things that count...Part I

I try to always have some kind of music in the background and little things around to remind me that my life isn't all about work.

Here's just a few!  :D

One of my tea cups :)

My office name tag  :)  (ok...this does make me think of work)

Pirate Duckies  :)

Wedding pic of my Hunnies in a super cool frame.  :)

What do you have at your work to make it fun??


Stacey Sargent said...

So cute! Love your pink tea mug/cup!

Wallie said...

Thank you Stacey! It was a thrifting score! :D

Elle and Jared said...

yes, i am the FIRST follower! i feel so lucky!

and...my kids are my favorite and, at times, least favorite thing that i have with me while i work. :)

Wallie said...

YAY!! Thank you Elle!!!! You make my day!! :D