Dance Party

So I'm leaving for work this morning and I'm racing the clock!  Today is a "Fitness for Weight Loss" workout day, so I try to be at work by 5:45am, in order to get my hours in for the day, of course.  Well...I got out of bed this morning at 5:15am!!!! Not good!  Luckily today isn't a "washing hair" day...lol.

Man I look tired...lol.  Not bad for a 5 min make-up job, right???  lol...  Anyway...So, I'm in my car trying to plug my phone in to listen to my normal playlist for my 30 minute commute when my AUX cord pulls out and the radio turns on.  At first I grew frustrated, only because radio here in San Diego SUX (man I miss the Northern Cali stations)!!!  I will say that the weather, most of the time, makes up for it.  To my surprise, I actually enjoyed listening to the radio!!  I had no idea who the artists were...I think the first song was a Brittney song and then Lady Gaga and some more that I had no clue who they were!  (Been out of the 'scene' too long I suppose.)  I just danced along and sang the choruses that I knew and then 20 minutes in, the commercials started...they were on all of my pre-set stations, so I plugged the AUX back in and was Pink! the rest of the way. :) 


I had the urge to post this and now plan on carrying around a notebook with me, to write down things to blog about.  It's about commitment people!  lol  Tomorrow I plan to post about my first Holistic Health Coach Group Session, (yes, I know you had forgotten about that) and more on my fitness goals and all that other good stuff.  Maybe I'll even post it tonight...but you'll have to wait and see!!!!  :D

I hope you have a funtabulous day!!

What are your favorite songs to dance to?

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