Getting smaller

I did it!  Whenever I got around to reading my blogs that I follow, I sensed an overwhelming feeling of, "329 posts to read?  You've got to be kidding me!!"

Well, I thought today that I should treat my blogs like I do my books.  If I find myself forcing me to read a book, I put it down.  I applied that thinking to my list of blogs and whadaya know...I unsubscribe to over 50% of them!!!!

I went from 112 blog subscriptions to 43!!!  Can you imagine???  {Insert big sigh here.}

It's like when you go through FaceBook and delete all those "friends" that you don't need to read about all the time. :)  What a great feeling!! 

And this is just round one...I have a couple that I've giving a "maybe" to in hopes that the reason I subscribed in the first place comes back to me.  If not, round two will be a "bye-bye" for them. 

I'm hoping that this will motivate me to write more instead of read more.

Have you purged your reading list lately??

Love Love,




This is my new attitude towards life:

I know I can do this!

Without being consistent, how are we to be the people that we really want to be?


Velcro Dog

So I didn't finish the 30 day picture thing. I've decided that instead of "following" a picture posting trend, I'll just make one up myself if needed. :)

I was going through my draft posts, I see that I have a TON of material to write on and should be writing instead of putting it off!!    I need to get crackin'!!

So I'm just going to post whatever I feel like. :)  Not only whatever, but whenever.  I want to start scheduling time, but we'll see about that.  Gotta start somewhere. 

So yea...

I can't get enough of this picture and it really show how much of a cuddle bug LeeLoo really is.  We call her "Velcro Dog", for when she lays with you, she makes sure that every part of her is touching you.  LOL  When she gets up, she literally peels herself off ya.

Too funny.  We love us some LeeLoo!!

What about your pet makes you crack up?