POP...I'm in your head!

Gooooooood Morning and Happy Friday!!

So I'm half way to work this AM and realized I forgot my breakfast!!!  Not only did I visualize my yummy protein shake sitting on the butcher block, I saw my cell phone sitting right next to it. (Or was it on the bathroom counter???)  BLAH!!!  Side note:  I *sometimes* tend to forget where I put things...my husband suggests that I put my stuff in the same place every time...I just have many "same places"...lol.

I got so mad at myself at first!!  I took a deeeeeeep breath (this helps soooooo much more often than not) and decided to stop at Starbucks to get a morning treat.  After all, I did have a "free drink" coupon due to my last visit when they screwed up. (They put dairy in when I asked for soy...normally something like this I wouldn't even bother, but I am allergic to milk and it would not have been good if I drank the whole thing). 

I almost didn't go in, dreading the line that would be there, but with the cafeteria at work not opening for another 2 hours and my tummy already growling, I decided it would be worth the wait. 

I walked in and there was no line!!!  This made me think of my little brother, Dan, (not so little...27, over 6'0", with a first base player's build) as he has impeccable timing.  We have conversations all the time about important things like, what our superpowers are 'n stuff, and this is one of his.  :)  Him and his timing...lol.  As usual, a sleeping pack followed in line behind me as I ordered.  This made me smile, as this was "the norm" of going anywhere with my LB.

I got my drink within 3 minutes and I was back in my car, continuing my way to work.  Without having my phone's playlist, I was forced to listen to AM radio (Ugh).  As I turned the key, Journey's Don't Stop Believing started playing and my thoughts went directly to my twin brother, Mike (he LOVES Journey!!).  I sang at the top of my lungs as I pulled out of my parking space, noticing people walking by and smiling at me.  One of them was even singing along (who doesn't love that song, right?).  I smiled back, thinking of my B and all the times we've sang and danced and were just plain silly. 

That's what we do, me and my bros...we are just plain silly.  Always have, always will be!   :D

I like to think that this morning's events were my brothers, B and LB, reaching out subconsciously to let me know that they are thinking of me (not that either one of them were awake, as they are nocturnal creatures).  I miss them very much, along with the city I was born and raised in.  They are 460 miles away in Northern California, Bay Area to be exact. I know I will see them soon, if only in my thoughts.  I love them with all of my being and am incredibly grateful to have them in my life, not just as siblings, but as friends. 

I have another brother, Sean (older/half brother), whom I've never met (will be another post...lol), but hope too, one day, call him my friend as well.

To sibilings, as friends!!  Cheers!!!

Who randomly puts thoughts of themselves in your heads?


Anonymous said...

Awwww.... so sweet! Love the sibling connection then and now! And what a great reinforcer on that AM channel... "Don't stop!" (except to smell the coffee). Love you, A.Merr

Wallie said...

Thanks AMerr! :) I know you see a lot of sibling love at your house too! :)

Teri said...

And you have a parking farie that has been camped out with me (Or did I finally earn my own?)

Bobbie said...

Family. Gotta love 'em.