30 Day Picture Challenge Day 13: From a Distance

Our little pups love to go to the beach.  :D  As soon as we cross over the Coronado Bridge, LeeLoo doesn't stop whining...well, she doesn't want to stop, but she's such a good girl that she listens when Mommy & Daddy tell her to stop. 

Here she is running with Daddy, just as happy as can be.

All the while Sammy & I watch while enjoying the sun.  Or little there was that day...lol.


1 Year ago today...

One year ago today, I married my best friend.  He truly gets me for me and we make a great team.  I can't wait for our many years of growing together and having our own little family.  So far, just us and the two doggies.

It can only get better from here.

I love you my Steven!!!  Thank you for always encouraging me and being exactly what I need.  You mean more to me then you will ever know.  Thank you my sweet.  From here and to forever.

Love love,


30 Day Picture Challenge Day 12: Close-up

Can you guess who this is???

It's close up, right???  :D

Happy Saturday everyone!!



30 Day Picture Challenge Day 11: Something Fun

Well...back on the blogging wagon. :)  Gotta finish what I started, right??  :D

Now for something fun!!  We love Disneyland...and what's more fun than Disneyland???  Disneyland at Halloween Time!! :D


Thank you!

If you're reading this I would like to thank you for not abandoning me...

I have a bunch of posts that will be coming up soon, but first wanted to set the tone in that there will be more to come!! :D

Thank you thank you thank you for staying tuned!!

Love love!

~Wallie  :)