30 Day Picture Challenge Day 5: Someone you love

Day 5 is supposed to be a picture of someone you love.  I was going to post the obvious and put a picture of my husband, but then I thought, doesn't everyone post their spouse?  I dunno.  I said to myself..."it's gotta be someone who is beyond family".   I'll try to make this short and sweet.

Brandy (aka Sissy) currently lives 1,366 miles away in the big state of Texas.  She moved there shortly after I move to San Diego in 2000...I wish I would see her more often.  

Last October, when I called her with two week's notice of my wedding, she booked a flight and said that she wouldn't miss it for the world. 

Here is the last picture we took together. This was the night after our wedding. We went out, just the two of us. I just absolutely love being around her. :) She sure does love me. :)

She's due to have her baby boy in early September and I will be making my first trip out to Texas (looooong overdue, yes I know) to visit and help out where I can.  I hope that it wont be TOO hot...she swears that my hair will get used to the humidity...lol.  Yea, right.  ;)

I love my Sissy with everything that I have and wish that we lived closer to each other so we could share the day to day.  We can't always get what we wish for, but I am thankful everyday for having her in my life.  She has impacted me in a way that is beyond words... 

I would be a different person if I hadn't met her, so long ago.  Even though I know she would have eventually showed up.

I love you more Sissy...FINE PRINT!!! ;)

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